Due to the pervasive urbanization of modern life, we find ourselves always having to pay the price with time, which is in short supply. That is, time to really connect, person to person – without the interfering presence of gadgets such as television, computers and telephony. So, isn’t it strange that it is exactly video interactions – that is, one of the direct spin-offs of urban living – that is showing a welcome power to reconnect people at an almost tangible level.


Consider a few statistics:

  • 53% of marketing practitioners consider video to provide the best marketing ROI worldwide,
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it,
  • 69% of smartphone users find that videos provide a quick way to grasp a product’s features,
  • 59% of executives have been found to prefer video over text.


The message from these is clear: ignore the video way of doing things and you market at a disadvantage.


What Can be Done Using Video Marketing

At first video was a new way of replacing film and cinematography, but it has now come to mean a lot more than that. You can, as additional examples,

  1. Advertise goods and services,
  2. Preview and/or prepare consumers for launching new products,
  3. With Video Testimonials and reviews, directly link products and consumers’ feelings about them,
  4. With Training Videos, make distance-education a reality.


Video Editing                                   

 Must be done after shooting the typically 3 minutes- long video. The purpose of editing is to grab the consumer’s attention from start to finish. There are several, mainly free tools such as UTube, Wideo, QuickTime, Camstasia and so forth.


Where to Place Videos

3 of many other examples:

  • Never leave out UTube


  • Jing


  • Powtoon

Is a cartoon video-production site which has a 300% viewer conversion rate due to what is called the ‘suspension of belief’. This occurs every time we watch a cartoon ( for example talking cats, bears etc). This they have documented as a throw-back from when we were mesmerized as we watched cartoons as children.

They count many Forbes 500 companies as clients.


How to Structure a Marketing Video

  1. Introduce yourself & Identify the target market for the video
  2. Identify the audience’s unfulfilled problem/ need
  3. Offer a solution to their need
  4. Substantiate your product’s features that solve the audience’s problem,
  5. Give a clear call to action such as click for more info, go to a certain website etc.

NB: Keep videos short, say around 1:30 to 3 minutes.


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